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Keck Seminar, Nora Vasquez-Laslop, PhD

Nora Vasquez-Laslop, PhDResearch Associate Professor, Center for Biomolecular Sciences, University of Illinois Chicago Title: Translation Regulation Via Nascent Proteins and Small Ligands

Keck Seminar, Rob Raphael, PhD

Rob Raphael, PhDAssociate Professor, Bioengineering, Rice University Title: How the Structures in the Hair Cells of Mammalian Inner Ears Encode Fast Signals Involved in Hearing and Balance

Keck Seminar, Badri Roysam, PhD

Badri Roysam, PhDProfessor and Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Houston Title: TBA

 NeuroNex Workshop

Agenda: 10:00 – 11:00 Luca Mazzucato, Univ. of Oregon 11:10 - 12:10 Tatjana Engel, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratoriesa 12:20 - 1:20 lunch 1:20 - 2:20 Ida Mommenejad, Microsoft Research 2:30 […]

20th Annual GCC Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience Conference

Confirmed presenters include: Tatiana Engel, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories; Stefano Fusi, Columbia Univ.; Nicholas Priebe, Univ. of Texas; Agenor Limon, Univ. of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston; Kara Marshall, Texas Children's Hospital; Luca Mazzucato, Univ. […]

Keck Seminar, Monica Guidry, MSSW

Monica Guidry, MSSWAssociate Vice President, Employees Assistance Programs (UTEAP), University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Title: Emotional Intelligence and Work Life Harmony

GCC Jr. Faculty Job Fair

Bioscience Research Collaborative (BRC) 6500 Main Street, Auditorium, Houston, TX

We invite you to join us for a unique Job Fair sponsored by the GCC Jr. Faculty Consortium that will take place on February 22, 2023, at the BioScience Research […]

Texas Single Cell Seminars

Texas Single Cell Seminar - Spring 2023 ScheduleWednesdays 4-5 PMMeeting ID: 828 6718 3777Password: TXSC VIEW SCHEDULE HERE

Keck Seminar, Maga Rowicka, PhD

Maga Rowicka, PhDAssociate Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Texas Medical Branch Title: Double-Strand DNA Breaks: Quantitative Mapping and Computational Modeling of Mechanisms

MD Anderson Pain Research Consortium Seminar

Imaging Pain Processing, Long-Term, in the Brain and Spinal Cord of the Awake, Freely Moving Animal Allan Basbaum, PhDProfessor and ChairDepartment of AnatomyThe University of California San Francisco

Keck Seminar, Renita Horton, PhD

Renita Horton, PhDAssociate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University of Houston Title: Engineering Systems for Cardiovascular Diseases

Keck Seminar, Hyun Kyoung Lee, PhD

Hyun Kyoung Lee, PhDAssociate Professor, Pediatrics-Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine Title: Role for Glia in Brain Function and Injury Response


Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion, MD Anderson Library 4333 University Drive, Houston

Advancing Mental Health and Cancer Research while Promoting EquitableHealth Care Among Refugees Opening Address: Bettina Beech, DrPH., MPH, Chief Population Officer, University of HoustonKeynote Speaker: Rana Dajani, Ph.D., Professor, Hashemite […]

Keck Seminar, Joff Silberg, PhD

Joff Silberg, PhDStewart Memorial Professor of Biosciences, Rice University Title: Engineering Living Sensors That Convert Environmental Information Into Electrical Signals In Real Time

CIDD San Antonio Drug Discovery Symposium

Keynote Speaker: Dr. John LaMattina, Senior Partner at PureTech Health and Former President of Research and Development, Pfizer "Pharna & Profits - Balancing Innovation, Medicine and Drug Prices"

Keck Seminar, Dorit Donoviel, PhD

Dorit Donoviel, PhDDirector, Translational Research Institute for Space Health, Baylor College of Medicine Title: What Can We Learn From Studying Humans in Space?

Jr. Faculty Extravaganza

We invite you to register for the 5th Annual GCC Junior Faculty Extravaganza that will take place at the Bioscience Research Collaborative, 6500 Main Street, Houston, TX, from 11:45 am - 2 pm on April […]

4th Annual GCC IDDD Conference: Leveraging Big Data for Transformative Patient Care

BioScience Research Collaborative Auditorium 6500 Main St, Houston, Texas

Confirmed keynote speaker: Kári Stefánsson, deCODE Genetics. Other confirmed speakers include: Brett Abrahams, Heppinn Biosciences; Bissan Al-Lazikani, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Kristopher Brannan, Houston Methodist Research Institute; Virginie Buggia-Prevot, Valo […]

The Ken Kennedy Institute Boot Camps

Bioscience Research Collaborative (BRC) 6500 Main Street, Auditorium, Houston, TX

Register Here:

Rigor and Reproducibility Workshop

1st place winner of the Association of American Medical Colleges 2017 Innovations in Research and Research Education Award, this exciting workshop brings together highly acclaimed experts in rigor and reproducibility […]

2023 ASPET Guppy Tank Translational Science Pitch Competition

St. Louis Union Station Hotel 1820 Market St., St. Louis, Missouri

The “Guppy Tank” competition will showcase translational science pitches from four young scientists who will be coached by mentors with established experience in the biotech, pharma, and entrepreneurship realms. In […]

12th Annual GCC Translational Pain Conference

BioScience Research Collaborative Auditorium 6500 Main St, Houston, Texas

Confirmed keynote speakers: Alex Chesler, NIH, Theodore Price, Univ. of Texas, Dallas, , MIT. Other confirmed speakers: Kyle Baumbauer, Univ. of Kansas Medical Center; Kyle Baumbauer, Univ. of Kansas Medical Center; Michael Burton, Univ. […]