Up Coming Events


Upcoming Events

29th Annual Keck Research Conference
Precision Environmental Health: Integrating Environmental Sciences, Genomics, and Data Science to Advance Human Health
October 11

This conference focuses on interdisciplinary bioscience and will include talks from internationally recognized experts in the broad area of environmental health sciences.  Confirmed speakers include Andrea Baccarelli, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair, Environmental Health Sciences, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health; James Eberwine, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology, Perelman School of Medicine, UPenn; Elizabeth Winzeler, PhD, Professor, Director of Translational Research, UC San Diego;  Richard Finnell, PhD, Professor, Center for Precision Environmental Health, Baylor College of Medicine; and Debra Laskin, PhD, Professor and Chair, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Rutgers University.  Conference chair:  Cheryl Walker, PhD, Director, Center for Precision Environmental Health, Baylor College of Medicine. Co-chair: Craig Hanis, Professor, Epidemiology, Human Genetics & Environmental Sciences, UTHealth. Conference Website


1st Annual GCC Translational Imaging Symposium
October 22, 2019

As this is our first conference and we are trying to facilitate new collaborations within the community, we invite you to present a 2-minute introduction during a rapid-fire type session.  For this, you will 1) discuss particular expertise or unique resources/strengths that you are willing to share with a collaborator, and 2) what you would like to do if you could find the right collaborator.  We ask that you fill in and submit the template profile slide which will serve as slide one of your 2-minute presentation and will also be posted to the website so registrants can preview before the conference to determine who they might like to contact.  This is open to imagers, image processors, and anyone interested in adding an imaging component to their research program. Conference website


ADME: Lead Characterization and Optimization Symposium
October 29, 2019

Introducing our newest CPRIT-funded GCC Center for PK/PD and Formulation (CCPF). Sponsored by CPRIT, CCPF, and the GCC Innovative Drug Discovery and Development Consortium, this conference will include a “How-to” session on approaching PK (ADME)/PD and formulation studies. Topics discussed will include protein:protein interactions, biologics, small molecules and examples of projects from users of the core. Additional sessions will include experts who will cover IND-enabling studies and regulatory considerations, and industry professionals who will present on current state-of-the-art and how those boundaries are being pushed as we move into the future of drug development. Conference website