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The Keck Seminar Series, begun in 1990, focuses on contemporary interdisciplinary science involving quantitative or computational, biomedical informatics and data science, bioinformatics, chemical, and/or physical approaches to biological and biomedical problems. The speakers, selected by a committee of GCC-supported trainees, are drawn from GCC institutions, and institutions nationwide. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The Keck Seminar Series is also a 1-credit graduate course at Rice University, BIOS 592 Topics in Quantitative Biology & Biomedical Informatics. Seminars are also offered online via Zoom; however, trainees affiliated with GCC training programs are required to attend the seminars in person.

Fall 2023 Keck Seminars will begin on September 8, and the final seminar will be on December 1. Seminars take place from 4:00-5:15 pm Fridays in Rice University’s BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC) room 280. Rice map.

Those not on the Keck Seminar listserv are to please contact Elizabeth Lawrence for the Zoom login information for a particular seminar; it is not the same every week.

If you would like to receive the Keck Seminar listserv weekly reminders, please email Elizabeth Lawrence.

For questions, speaker suggestions, or to join our trainee Keck Seminar planning committee, email Elizabeth Lawrence or Jim Briggs.

Keck Seminar Series - Fall 2023

September 8, 2023  Bradley Lambert, PhD

Manager, Center for Human Performance, Dept. of Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Houston Methodist Hospital.

Seminar Title: Blood Flow Restriction Therapy: Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, and Human Performance

Host: Kara Hood, PhD

September 15, 2023  Caroline Chung, MD

Associate Professor, Dept. of Radiation Oncology,

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Seminar Title: Curiosity, Courage & Collaboration: Perspectives from my Cancer Career Journey

Host: Melissa Glueck

September 22, 2023  Pratip K. Bhattacharya, PhD

Associate Professor, Cancer Systems Imaging,

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Seminar Title: Interrogating therapeutic efficacy in cancer in real-time by metabolic imaging

Host: Melissa Glueck

September 29, 2023  Xue (Sherry) Gao, PhD

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,

Rice University

Seminar Title: Engineered CRISPR Systems for Disease Treatment and Diagnostics
Host: Taryn Eubank, PharmD

October 6, 2023  Kevin Garey, PharmD

Professor, Dept. of Pharmacy Practice and Translational Research,

University of Houston

Seminar Title: The Evolving World of Microbiome Research
Host: Taryn Eubank, PharmD

October 20, 2023  33rd Annual Keck Research Conference

New Frontiers in RNA Biology and Therapeutics
RNA Biology is considered one of the most influential areas in modern biology and biomedicine. Don’t miss this exciting conference and poster session. The conference and poster session will also highlight the outstanding research being done by predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees in the eight inter-institutional training programs administered  by the GCC/Keck Center.

October 27, 2023  Lynn Zechiedrich, PhD

Professor, Dept. of Molecular Virology and Microbiology,

Baylor College of Medicine

Seminar Title: Cracking the Secondary DNA Codes That Control Access to the Primary Genetic Code

Host: Kara Hood, PhD

November 3, 2023 Peter Lwigale, PhD
via Zoom

Associate Professor, Dept. of Biosciences, Innovation and Diversity Speaker

Rice University

Seminar Title: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Ocular Development

 Host: Ivan Coronado

November 10, 2023  Danielle A. Garsin, PhD

Professor, Dept. of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics,

UTHealth Science Center at Houston

Seminar Title: Deciphering the Antifungal Activity of Enterococcus faecalis Antimicrobial Peptide EntV

Host: Sara Abouelniaj

November 17, 2023  Clifford Stephan, PhD
Via Zoom

Research Associate Professor, Director, High Throughput Research and Screening Center,

Institute of Biosciences and Technology, Texas A&M University

Seminar Title: The Texas A&M Therapeutics Technology Center
Host: Justin Van Riper

December 1, 2023  Margaret Goodell, PhD

Professor and Chair, Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology,

Baylor College of Medicine

Seminar Title: Stem Cell Competition in the Aging Blood System
Host: Sara Abouelniaj

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