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60-second Elevator Talk Workshop, March 21

Brittany Parker Kerrigan, PhD



Pathway to Independence: Preparing the K99/R00 and Understanding the NIH Review Process, April 5

Jon Meyer, Rice University

Recording from 03/2022


K99/R00 Panel Discussion,              Dec 15, 2022

Review Committee Members: Lynn Zechiedrich, BCM; Monte Pettitt, UTMB; Cesar Arias, HMRI

Award Recipients: Monica Pillon, BCM; George Lu, Rice; Cesar Arias, HMRI

Moderator: Jon Meyer, Rice, Proposal Development

Recording from 12/15/22

Dec 15 K99_R00 Panel agenda

How to explain real science to regular people

Tips on how to communicate your research to non-researchers

Manuscript Preparation Checklist

Preps and steps for creating a manuscript that’s ready for publication

Pathway to Independence: Preparing for the K99/R00

Tips for submitting a winning K99/R00 application.

Roadmap to an Impactful IDP

Create a road map to plan and achieve your professional and personal goals

The Elements of Style by Strunk and White

The Elements of Style provides a helpful overview of the basic requirements of written English. It focuses on the common errors found in rules of usage and principles of composition.


Rigor and Reproducibility
Research Mentor Training
K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Workshop