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Gulf Coast Consortium for Regenerative Medicine

Developments in regenerative medicine are making it possible for patients or athletes to live without debilitating heart disease, to re-grow cartilage in an injured knee, for injured soldiers to recover and return to normal life, for children with congenital heart defects to receive a heart or valve patch that will grow as they do, and for researchers to finally understand the initiation and progression of various diseases of organs and other connective tissues. With a keen eye toward non-embryonic stem cells and their abilities to restore the body, regenerative medicine applies tissue engineering strategies — together with other biological, engineering, and computational techniques — towards the replacement or repair of biological tissues. If Houston and the greater Southeastern Texas researchers and physicians join efforts through this GCC Cluster in Regenerative Medicine, the TMC can lead the nation in discovery and treatment in regenerative medicine.

This consortium represents an unprecedented opportunity to place Houston and the Texas Medical Center at the forefront of regenerative medicine. Faculty will work together under this cluster to establish an inter-institutional, multi-disciplinary ‘Center of Excellence’.

This group is continually building in membership as well as in concept; if you are interested in participating, please contact Suzanne Tomlinson.

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