Training and Resources

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Training and Resources

Round Table Series: Focus on the End Game: Developing a Valuable Target Product Profile
June 13, 2019

Slides, Business Model Canvas, Brett Cornwell, TAMU

Slides, Target Product Profiles, why you need one, Phil Jones, MDA

Kickoff Mini-Symposium Speaker Videos
May 7, 2019

1. Welcome, Opening Remarks
Suzanne Tomlinson and Stan Watowich 

2. From Basic Science to Drug Discovery, Pointers and Prospects 
Michelle Arkin, Pharm Chem, UCSF

3. Developing Novel Therapeutics from Scientific Breakthroughs 
Philip Jones, MDA


Core Presentations

15. Center for Drug Discovery
Zhifeng Yu, BCM

16. Synthetic/Medicinal Chemistry
Scott Gilbertson, U. of Houston

17. GCC Center for Advanced Microscopy and Image Informatics
Mike Mancini, BCM