ARPA-H Launches Two New Programs

EMBODY: Engineering of Immune Cells Inside the Body

The goal of EMBODY is to radically alter how immune therapies are developed and delivered for life-threatening and chronic conditions by retraining healthy immune cells, and eliminating time, cost and access hurdles.

“By developing agents that target specific immune cell types, essentially providing instructions to cells already active inside your body, we hope to make advanced immunotherapies available close to home for Americans across the country,” said EMBODY Program Manager Daria Fedyukina, Ph.D., in ARPA-H’s recent program announcement.

PRINT (Personalized Regenerative Immunocompetent Nanotechnology Tissue)

PRINT intends to use state-of-the-art bioprinting technology and a regenerative medicine approach to 3D print personalized, on organs that will not require immunosuppressive drugs.

“By starting from multiple different types of cells, we will be creating organs that will be individually matched,” said PRINT Program Manager Ryan Spitler, Ph.D., in ARPA-H’s recent program announcement. “The body will not recognize it as a foreign entity, eliminating the need of immunosuppressive drugs, which has never been done in the history of organ transplantation.”

To learn more about both programs, including how to register for the upcoming Proposers’ Days, visit the EMBODY program page and PRINT program page