Workgroups in Development

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The noninvasive brain stimulation (NIBS) workgroup aims at bringing together scientists and clinicians with different interests and levels of expertise in NIBS techniques (e.g., Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) with the ultimate goal of spurring inter-institutional scientific collaborations and competitive grant applications.

We plan to host a series of seminars covering both basic and clinical applications. These seminars will allow members of the workgroup and external speakers to present the latest findings from their work.

To encourage interactions among the workgroup’s members, we will plan in-person meetings and symposia based on the interests expressed by the members.  As we are still in development, we invite additional ideas and suggestions.

For more information, email Francesco Versace.

The purpose of the Alcohol and Addiction cluster is to foster interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration in the area to elevate the quality and quantity of funded addiction-related research among GCC institutions. Research expertise ranges from molecular to behavioral and from bench to bedside. This workgroup will participate with other workgroups in the development of research pipelines for drug development, target identification/validation, and non-drug therapeutic development.

As we are still in development, we invite additional ideas and suggestions.

Key Persons: Tom Green, UTMB and Francesco Versace, MDACC