Stem Cell Guidelines


  • Scientists Find Simpler Way to Make Sensory Hearing Cells
    Scientists from the University of Southern California stem cell laboratories of Neil Segil, Ph.D., and Justin Ichida, Ph.D., are whispering the secrets of a simpler way to generate the sensory cells of the inner ear. Their approach uses direct reprogramming to produce sensory cells known as “hair cells,” due to their hair-like protrusions that sense sound waves. The study was published today in eLife.

  • Human Cell “Membrane-on-Chip’” Helps Hunt for Drugs Against COVID-19
    Researchers have developed a human cell ‘membrane on a chip’ that allows continuous monitoring of how drugs and infectious agents interact with our cells, and may soon be used to test potential drug candidates for COVID-19. The researchers, from the University of Cambridge, Cornell University and Stanford University, say their device could mimic any cell type–bacterial, human or even the tough cells walls of plants. Their research recently pivoted to how COVID-19 attacks human cell membranes and, more importantly, how it can be blocked.