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Human and Large Animals (Including Nonhuman Primates) Studies
  • 3T Philips Ingenia scanner
  • Multiple RF coils
  • SenasVue for fMRI
  • Mock scanner for training subjects
Small Animal Studies
  • 7T Bruker 30 cm horizontal bore scanner
  • Multiple RF coils
Contact for Further Information

Ponnada Narayana, Ph.D.

Refaat Gabr, Ph.D.

Vips Patel, RT


MD Anderson

Preclinical Resources


  • MRI – Bruker Icon 1.0T, Biospec 4.7T, and two Biospec 7T scanners; Oxford Hypersense dissolution DNP system
  • Optical Imaging – Perkin Elmer IVIS 100, IVIS Spectrum, IVIS Lumina, IVIS Lumina X5; Bruker Carestream XTreme
  • Nuclear Imaging – Bruker Albira PET/SPECT/CT, Cubresa NuPET insert (for PET/MRI)
  • XRay/CT – GE Explore Locus RS, Faxitron Ultrafocus 60, Bruker SkyScan 1276 (Arriving 4/2019)
  • Ultrasound/Optoacoustic Imaging: Visualsonics Vivo 770, Vevo 2100/LAZR; iThera MSOT; LabFUS
  • Image-Guided Radiation Therapy: Prexision X-Ray XRAD 225Cx, XRAD SmART
Clinical Resources


  • GE Discovery 3T MR750 MRI scanner
  • GE SpinLab dissolution DNP system
  • Siemens PRISMA 3T MRI scanner
  • GE Discovery 490FX PET/CT scanner
  • GE Discovery CT750 HD CT scanner
  • Cyclotron & Radiochemistry Facility: GE Healthcare 16 MeV PETtrace cyclotron + 34 hot cells