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“Nano” encompasses a large array of research topics initially spearheaded by the National Nanotechnology Initiative. Significantly, many of continuously emerging applications of nanoscience and engineering have direct applications in medicine including but not limited nanosensors for molecular diagnostics, drug-loaded nanoparticles to fight drug resistant bacteria and cancer, targeted drug delivery, hyperthermia treatment, and many other biological and clinical applications.

Upcoming Events:

SCI-Kavli Sensing the Future: Workshop 2 at Rice BRC

The Smalley-Curl Institute and the Kavli Foundation present “Sensing the Future: The Future of Sensing” Workshop Series, a trio of visionary, cross-disciplinary meetings at Rice University that will focus on the future of sensing technology. These meetings bring together scientists and engineers from academia, government and industry to identify the grand challenges that could potentially be met by next-generation sensing technologies, and the fundamental scientific capabilities that will be needed to address those challenges. We had a very successful Workshop 1 (see details here) and look forward to the next in the series:

Workshop 2: December 6 – 7, 2018, “Biosensing II”
Some focal topics for the second workshop will include a continued discussion of topics such as biomedical diagnostics and imaging, and implantable and wearable sensors.

Featured speakers: Hui-wang Ai (Univ. of Virginia), Lisa Biswal (Rice University), Tzahi Cohen-Karni (Carnegie Mellon University), Markita del Carpio Landry (UC Berkeley), Romain Quidant (The Institute of Photonic Sciences), Jonathan Rivnay (Northwestern University), Jacob Robinson (Rice University), Francois St-Pierre (Rice University), Luisa Torsi (Univ.of Bari Aldo Moro), and Hanyu Zhu (Rice University). Organizing Committee: Kaitlyn Crawford (University of Central Florida), Naomi Halas (Rice University), Christy Landes (Rice University), and Alberto Pimpinelli (Rice University).

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