Nano X


“Nano” encompasses a large array of research topics initially spearheaded by the National Nanotechnology Initiative. Significantly, many of continuously emerging applications of nanoscience and engineering have direct applications in medicine including but not limited nanosensors for molecular diagnostics, drug-loaded nanoparticles to fight drug resistant bacteria and cancer, targeted drug delivery, hyperthermia treatment, and many other biological and clinical applications.

Upcoming Events:

NanoX Symposium, September 21, 2018

GCC NanoX Steering Committee

Catherine Ambrose, UT Health Science Center Houston



Ananth Anapragada, Baylor College of Medicine



Jiming Bao, University of Houston



Pratip Bhattacharya, MD Anderson Cancer Center



Paul Cherukuri, Rice University



Stuart Corr, Baylor College of Medicine



Stacey Kalovidouris, Rice University


Dmitri Litvinov, University of Houston, Co-Chair



Alberto Pimpinelli, Rice University



Erik Rytting, UT Medical Branch at Galveston



Anil Sood, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Co-Chair



David Volk, UT Health Science Center Houston