Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Stewardship, January 17-19, 2018

Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Stewardship, January 17-19, 2018



BioScience Research Collaborative, Auditorium and Event Hall
6500 Main St.

This year, we have partnered with the City of Houston Public Health Department to host a 3 day conference packed with global leaders in antimicrobial resistance research, stewardship, and policy.

Keynote speakers include:
Helen Boucher, Tufts University
Patrice Courvalin, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Ramanan Laxminarayan, Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy and Princeton University

Special invited speakers include:
Louis Rice, Brown University
Victor Torres, New York University
Truc T. Tran, UTHealth
Karen Bush, Indiana University
David Greenberg, UT Southwestern
Maria F. Mojica, Universidad El Bosque, Colombia
David Weiss, Emory University
Alexander Mankin, University of Illinois at Chicago
William R. Miller, UTHealth
Charles Darkoh, UTHealth
Anthony Maresso, Baylor College of Medicine
Yohei Doi, University of Pittsburgh
Angela Caliendo, Brown University
Blake Hanson, UTHealth
Ashley Robinson, University of Mississippi
Tim Peto, University of Oxford
Barry Kreiswirth, Rutgers University
Lorena Diaz, Universidad El Bosque, Bogota, Colombia
Tor Savidge, Baylor College of Medicine
Jessica Galloway-Pena, MD Anderson
Herbert DuPont, UTHealth
Nimalie Stone, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Jason Newland, Washington University School of Medicine
Barbara Trautner, Baylor College of Medicine
Frank Tverdek, MD Anderson
Kristi Kuper, Vizient, Inc.
Kevin Garey, University of Houston
Blake Hanson, UTHealth
M. Michael Shabot, Memorial Hermann Health System

  • January 17, 2018 - January 19, 2018
    8:00 am - 3:30 pm