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Rice University Scalable Health Labs ( has a post-doc opening (candidates have to US citizen or permanent resident) in the broad area of data science for health, to work on high-impact projects in healthcare. Scalable Health Labs is a dynamic, collaborative and nurturing environment that collaborates closely with Texas Medical Center on tens of projects. The projects range from behavioral sensing, bio-imaging ( and data science for healthcare, targeting mental health, chronic care, cancer, pediatric health, diagnostic devices and surgery. The group focuses both on fundamental engineering methods and high-impact clinical projects, creating a unique environment with bi-directional flow of ideas. For interested candidates, strong background in data science, e.g. machine learning and statistical methodsĀ  is essential. Experience with healthcare data will be beneficial but not required. All former post-docs from the Scalable Health group have landed tenure-track positions in prestigious universities. If interested, please contact Prof. Ashu Sabharwal ( or Prof. Ashok Veeraraghavan ( with a resume.