NLM Electives and Inter-institutional Course Registration

NLM Approved Electives
See “NLM Curriculum Plan” section for required courses.

Inter-institutional Course Registration

Trainees whose training programs require them to attend courses offered at other institutions may register using an inter-institutional course registration form. Trainees will pay tuition to their home institution only; however, trainees must pay any required fees/lab fees to the institution they are “visiting.”
There is a cumulative limit of 12 credit hours that may be taken at another host institution.

There is one form that has been agreed upon by all registrar’s offices at GCC institutions, which is available on the Rice registrar web page.

Although this form is located on the Rice web site, it was agreed upon by the registrars of all participating institutions, so it may be used by graduate students from one GCC institution to attend courses at another GCC institution. 

However, please check with your institution’s registrar, as some prefer that you use their institution-specific form (e.g. BCM: link to web page with form).

Please note that these forms require several signatures from advisors to instructors to the registrar in a certain order, from both institutions, so allow adequate time for procuring these signatures.

The registration period for students from other institutions and the due date for these registration forms vary by institution. It is the trainee’s responsibility to return required form before the registration deadline.