Diseases of the nervous system are among the largest causes of disability in the U.S., with brain disorders costing ~$750B/year. Mental illnesses alone account for 15% of the global burden of disease with 26% of US adults suffering from a mental disorder in a given year, with few new treatments.  Unfortunately, most of the potential neurotherapeutics identified in basic research do not make it to human testing.

The Neurotherapeutics Workgroup seeks to advance therapeutic focused research, collaborations and discussion of new initiatives for small molecule drug discovery and development.  Topics of interest include new therapeutic concepts, pre-clinical target validation, high throughput screening, hit-to-lead medicinal chemistry, preclinical PK/PD and studies enabling investigational new drug (IND) filing through phase I clinical testing.

Our overarching goal is to bring together basic and translational neuroscience researchers and help them advance novel concepts and therapeutics for psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Key Person: John Allen, UTMB