Computational Cancer Biology: Trainee Application

Computational Cancer Biology Training Program: Trainee Application

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Have you taken a course in the Responsible Conduct of Research while you have been a postdoc? If yes, please provide information about the course taken, including course number, institution, and date taken. If no, please include plans for this course as part of your mentoring plan (see list of acceptable courses under Curriculum).
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Describe your overall career goals and how they relate to this program. Describe the education, training and other career development experiences you will need to achieve your career goals, and how this training program will help you achieve them.
Mentoring Plan max. 400 words
Mentoring and Training Plan
Please provide a brief description in your own words of the plan you and your mentor have jointly developed to achieve your career goals. Include what specific skills / knowledge you will acquire from both mentors. Include anticipated didactic course work for your entire fellowship, the research training you will receive, personal and career development activities (e.g. in writing and speaking skills), professional meetings you will attend, etc. The plan should include an estimated timeline for completion of the graduate or postdoctoral training program and specific milestones to be achieved, including publications from this project.