Trainee and mentor responsibilities

Trainee and mentor responsibilities

Both trainees and their mentors have responsibilities to fulfill in return for receiving support from a Keck Center training program.

By applying for a training fellowship, applicants and their mentors are agreeing to fulfill these responsibilities, as well as any additional responsibilities detailed in the application and curriculum pages.

For those responsibilities that fall to the trainee (i.e. curriculum, seminar attendance), the primary mentor agrees to support the trainee’s participation in all required didactic courses and NLM activities (seminars, conferences).

Furthermore, both mentors agree to attend the Keck Annual Research Conference each fall during the trainee’s fellowship (and serve as a poster judge at least one year), attend the original fellowship interview and subsequent annual progress reviews, and regularly interact and communicate to ensure effective supervision and coordination of the trainee’s project.

Finally, the trainee and both mentors agree to the following requirements:


  • completion of required foundational and elective courses of trainee’s individual curriculum
  • completion within trainee’s first appointment year of an approved course in the Responsible Conduct of Research.


  • full time work on trainee’s NLM project, defined by the NIH as a minimum of 40 hours per week
  • attendance at the weekly Keck Seminars
  • attendance at the monthly NLM fellows meetings
  • attendance / poster presentation at the Keck Annual Research Conference
  • attendance and, if chosen, presentation at the NLM Annual Training Conference.

Communication / dissemination:

  • advance notification to the Program Director and program administrator of any major changes to the trainee’s project or mentors
  • trainee’s submission of an annual written progress report, and course transcripts (if applicable)
  • trainee’s presentation to the Steering Committee and in the presence of both mentors at an in-person annual progress review
  • submission of final copy of any publications resulting from research conducted while the trainee holds this fellowship & acquiring an NIH PMCID number in a timely manner for these publications
  • acknowledgement of Gulf Coast Consortia and NLM support in posters and publications
  • trainee’s coordination of his/her project between the two mentors
  • trainee’s updating the Gulf Coast Consortia on publications, awards, and current position for 15 years after the fellowship ends (an NIH requirement for progress reports and grant renewals).