Sample Instructions for Interviews

Sample Instructions for Interviews

Selected applicants and both of their mentors will be invited for an interview before the NLM Program Director and Steering Committee. All interviews will take place on one day.

Please note that these are sample instructions – should there be any deviation from what is written below, follow any instructions you receive by email.

The interview will last a total of 20 minutes, including your 8-minute oral presentation, then questions from the reviewers. Should the committee interrupt your presentation with a question, the time clock will be paused, so you can be assured of the full 8 minutes’ presentation time.

Prepare a brief oral presentation: 8 minutes maximum, maximum 6 PPT slides + title slide.

Please practice so that you do not exceed this 8-minute time limit (hint: do not get bogged down in the details of the experiments). Do not imbed movies in your slides.  

Aim to keep your presentation simple; you will be assessed on how well you can explain things concisely to a broad audience, as the NLM Steering Committee consists of faculty from various disciplines related to biomedical informatics.

Your presentation should provide an overview of your proposed research project and should address the following:

1. the interdisciplinary nature of the project and approaches you propose to use, emphasizing the biomedical informatics and/or computational aspects. Highlight the parts of your project that are novel.

2. The NLM domain to which your research relates, and the importance of your project to this domain. This need not be lengthy or highly detailed but it should be explicit. Oftentimes this may be obvious to you and others in your specific area, but it may not be clear to a diverse, interdisciplinary review group.

3. the roles that both your primary mentor and co-mentor will play in the proposed research / mentoring plan, especially how the two mentors together will enable you to conduct research that could not be accomplished with either alone. Also mention how your research practicum would be implemented in the first year.

4. your timeline for Foundation and Elective coursework – this should be detailed in your slides.

Please note that curriculum requirements are for predocs and postdoc applicants. If you request adding a new elective, you must list the approved elective you will take of if you request is not approved

Be sure you include all required parts, e.g. Responsible Conduct of Research, COMP 573 Professional Development for Biomedical Informatics Professionals, etc.