GCCAAR Research Goals

The research goal is to foster new transdisciplinary collaborations by providing the organizational and administrative structure to seek further extramural funding.
The GCCAAR catalyzes conference opportunities that allow us to develop these concepts of transdisciplinary collaborations. We aim to strengthen the relationship and communication between investigators who focus on preclinical science areas, e.g. biological, medicinal, and synthetic chemistry, molecular and cell biology, pharmacology and investigators involved with clinical research, e.g. psychiatry, preventative medicine, community health, and clinical psychology to study AUD and SUD as a means to help advance the search for new approaches to prevent, diagnose and treat addictive disorders. We will also enhance and broaden our scope of integrated research in additional scientific areas. Examples of integrated research programs include:

  1. Biomarker Discovery
  2. Drug Discovery
  3. Computational Modeling and Computer-based Intervention Methods
  4. Diagnostic and Interventional Functional Imaging
  5. Environmental Health
  6. Infectious Disease
  7. Neuroscience
  8. Psychological Aspects of Alcohol and Substance Disorders
  9. Novel Therapeutic Strategies
  10. Women’s Health