Principal Investigator
Robert M. Raphael, Rice Bioengineering: Auditory bioengineering

Dora Angelaki, Baylor College of Medicine, Neuroscience: Somatosensory integration
Marcia O’Malley, Rice, Mechanical Engineering: Neurorobotics
Behnaam Aazhang, Rice, Electrical and Computer Engineering: Information theory
Caleb Kemere, Rice, Electrical and Computer Engineering: Neural interfacing

Baylor College of Medicine Department of Neuroscience Researchers
William Brownell,: Hair cell and efferent neurophysiology
Fabrizo Gabbiani,: Sensory information processing
Andrew Groves, : Genetics, hair cell development
Xaq Pitkow, Computational Neuroscience
Andreas Tolias: Neocortical circuits

Rice University Researchers
Genevera Allen, Statistics: Data mining
Rich Baraniuk, Electrical and Computer Engineering: Signal processing
Janice Bordeaux, Psychology: Educational assessment
Steve Cox, Computational and Applied Math: Computational neuroscience
Michael Diehl, Bioengineering: Cellular imaging
Herb Levine, Bioengineering: Physical biology
Amina Qutub, Bioengineering: Systems biology
Jacob Robinson, Electrical and Computer Engineering: Nanofabrication
Ann Saterbak, Bioengineering: Problem-based learning
Jeff Tabor, Bioengineering: Synthetic biology