What are the member institutions of the GCC PC?
The member institutions are: Louisiana State University, Rice University, University of Texas Medical Branch, Baylor College of Medicine, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, University of Texas – Austin, University of Houston, Texas A & M University.

Where is the GCC PC Beamline housed?
The GCC PC Beamline is available for use by member institutions at the CAMD synchrotron at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. For information on shared resource scheduling, please contact PX Beamline Manager, Dr. Henry Bellamy at hbellamy@lsu.edu.

Does the GCCPC offer a degree program?
The GCC PC is a collaborative effort between the member institutions; all degree programs are offered through one of the member institutions. Interested students are encouraged to explore the individual admissions websites for background information and then contact the GCC office for additional information.

How do I contact the GCC PC?
For more information, contact Suzanne Tomlinson at 713-348-4772 or smstomlin@rice.edu. Additionally, you may write the GCC PC at:

Gulf Coast Consortium for Protein Crystallography
6100 Main Street, MS-141
Houston, TX 77251-1892

How do I become affiliated with the GCC PC?

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