Faculty Eligibility

Faculty eligibility to mentor an NLM applicant:

  • Primary and secondary mentors must be tenure-track faculty, and members of the NLM Training Program faculty.
  • Please note membership in the Gulf Coast Consortia, or in the training faculty of another GCC grant does not automatically confer membership in the NLM Training Program. Faculty must request to join each training faculty, as decisions are made by individual Program Directors.
  • Requests to join the training faculty will be considered only when they are sponsoring a candidate in response to the current call for applications. Requests must be submitted no later than the due date of the LOI, preferably earlier.
  • A faculty member may be the primary mentor for only one NLM trainee at a time; they may sponsor another applicant in a call for applications shortly before the current trainee will end his/her fellowship.
  • Primary mentors are usually expected to have prior training experience, for example by having previously been a primary or secondary mentor in a training program.
  • However, if a young faculty member does not have previous training experience, a member of the NLM Steering Committee will be assigned to “mentor the mentor,” to counsel only on matters relating to trainee guidance and evaluation (i.e. “best practices”), and not on the research in question.
  • A faculty member may be the secondary mentor for more than one trainee.

How to request joining the NLM training faculty:
Email the following to Melissa Glueck at  glueck@rice.edu this information by the date specified in the Call for Applications:

  • a 5-page NIH Biosketch (in Word format) including peer-reviewed funding; faculty are expected to be PI on an NIH R01 grant or equivalent peer-reviewed federal funding, and to have a training history;
  • a few sentences about how the faculty’s research interests relate to which domain of the NLM Training Program (see list in NLM Overview section);
  • whether the faculty wishes to sponsor a predoctoral/postdoctoral candidate as primary/secondary mentor; and
  • the name and institution of the proposed co-mentor.

This will be forwarded to the PI for consideration. The faculty member will be reviewed and notified of eligibility to join prior to the application.

Should his/her applicant be appointed to an NLM fellowship, then the faculty member will be added to the NLM training faculty. If his/her applicant is not appointed, then the faculty member will not be added to the training faculty at that time. This is to ensure an active training faculty.