Houston NeuroNex Theory Trainee Workshop

Houston NeuroNex Theory Trainee Workshop, October 11

The workshop will feature short talks by graduate students and postdocs working in computational and theoretical neuroscience with a focus on interactions between stimuli, neurons and behavior.  If  you would like to be considered to present a talk please provide a brief CV and abstract (300 words maximum) to camilal@bcm.edu.


9am Opening remarks
9:10am 20 min talk – Alan Akil – Inhibitory plasticity in balanced networks (University of Houston)
9:30am 10 min talk – Zhenyu Dai + Negin Alizadehvandchali (University of Houston)
9:40am 20 min talk – Giuseppe Vinci – Functional Connectivity Graph Estimation from Nonsimultaneous recordings (Rice University)
10am 10 min talk – Tianyi Yao – Symmetric Convex Clustering (Rice University) 10:10am 20 min talk – Cody Baker – Inferring connectivity and latent input covariance from spike train correlations (University of Notre Dame)
10:30am 10 min talk – Andersen Chang – Calcium Imaging Graphical Model Pipeline Analysis (Rice University)
10:40am – 11:10am Coffee break
11:10am 20 min talk – Salomon Muller – Separation of learning from computation and communication in the electrosensory lobe of mormyrid electric fish (Columbia University)
11:30am 20 min talk – Rhonald Lua – Bio-inspired Motion Detection for Real-time Video Recognition Tasks (Baylor College of Medicine)
11:50am 20 min talk – Fabio Stefanini – Distributed place codes in mouse dentate gyrus (Columbia University)
12:10pm 10 min talk – Aravind Chenraya – Modelling the Dynamical Properties of the Vestibular Hair Cell Synapse (Rice University)
12:20pm 20 min talk – Wenhao Zhang – Information-augmenting Correlation (University of Pittsburgh)
12:40pm – 1:40pm Lunch
1:40pm 20 min talk – Zhe Li – Graph neural network as a general tool to model dynamical system with interacting parts (Baylor College of Medicine)
2pm 10 min talk – Yicheng Fei – Approximate marginalization of graphical models with third-order interactions using Graph Neural Networks (Rice University)
2:10pm 20 min talk – Raj Raju – Inferring Inference (Rice University)
2:30pm 20 min talk – Paul Fahey – Functional Tuning Property Distribution Across Mouse Visual Cortex (Baylor College of Medicine)
2:50 pm 20 min talk- Greg Handy – Measurement and Mathematical Modeling of Calcium Signaling in Astrocytes (University of Utah)
3:10pm Q&A

Registration limited to the first 60 people. Lunch will be provided.

Baylor College of Medicine, first floor conference room,
Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute
1250 Moursund St., Houston, TX

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  • October 11, 2018
    9:00 am - 3:30 pm